The five most recent publications of the lab

  • Batruch, A., Autin, F., & Butera, F. (in press). Re-Establishing the Social-Class Order: Restorative Reactions against High-Achieving Low-SES Pupils. Journal of Social Issues, 73
  • Bidet-Ildei, C., Gimenes, M., Toussaint, L., Almecija, Y., & Badets, A. (in press). Sentence plausibility influences the link between action words and the perception of biological human movements. Psychological Research, doi: 10.1007/s00426-016-0776-z
  • Toussaint, L., Meugnot, A., Badets, A., Chesnet, D., & Proteau, L. (in press). The specificity of practice hypothesis in goal directed movements: visual dominance or proprioceptive neglect?. Psychological Research
  • Escorcia, D., Passerault, J.-M., Ros, C., & Pylouster, J. (2017). Profiling writers: analysis of writing dynamics among college students.. Metacognition and Learning, doi: 10.1007/s11409-016-9166-6
  • Quémart, P., & Casalis, S. (2017). Morphology and spelling in French students with dyslexia: the case of silent final letters. Annals of Dyslexia, 67, 85-98.

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