The Research Centre on Cognition and Learning (CeRCA) investigates the cognitive and socio-cognitive processes of human beings. CeRCA is a joint research unit of the Université de Poitiers, the François-Rabelais University at Tours and the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

The six research teams of the CeRCA are organized in three thematic clusters each including two teams:

  • The research area « Literacy: from Word to Discours » includes the « Communication and Language Acquisition » (CoALa) and « Writing» research teams.
  • The research area « Memory Dysfunction » includes the « Cognitive dysfunction: Psychopathology and Neuropsychology of Memory and Control Contrôle » (DysCo) and « Ageing and Memory » (VIME) research teams.
  • The research area « Contextualized Action and Cognition » includes the « Social Cognition » (SoCog) and « Exercise, Sensorimotricity and Cognition » (EXSECO) research teams.


This website also presents the research unit’s seminars and publications.