Administration and technical staff

The administrative and technical staff of CeRCa may be contacted by telephone: dial 05 49 followed by the six digits indicated in the Extension column, or dial the ten numbers of the full number.

By clicking on the name of one of the members of the administrative and technical staff one may access their personal home page.

Prénom Nom Equipe Email Poste
Yves Almécija (AI CNRS) tech-admin       e-mail-icone 45.48.39
Badiâa Bouazzaoui (IR univ. Tours) tech-admin       e-mail-icone
Hélène Brillet-Artus (Gestionnaire, tech. CNRS) tech-admin       e-mail-icone 45.46.13
Marie-Françoise Crété (IE univ.) tech-admin       e-mail-icone 45.46.32
Virginie Lussiez – IE CDD CNRS tech_admin       e-mail-icone  45.46.12
Jean Pylouster (AI CNRS) tech-admin       e-mail-icone 45.47.11