Anna Potocki

CeRCA_PotockiAssistant Professor at the University of Poitiers


TSA 21103
5, rue Théodore Lefebvre
F – 86073 Poitiers cedex 9

tel : 33 (0)


Research team:

CoALa (Communication and Language Acquisition)

Research interests:

  • Development of children’s and adolescent’s reading and comprehension skills
  • Remediation of reading and comprehension difficulties
  • Individual differences in children’s and adolescent’s’ reading and comprehension skills

Key words:

Comprehension, development, inferences, comprehension training, reading disabilities


  • Jean Ecalle, Laboratoire EMC, Université Lyon 2
  • Annie Magnan, Laboratoire EMC, Université Lyon 2
  • Monica Macedo-Rouet, Université Paris 8
  • Jane Oakhill, Université de Sussex
  • Marc Stadtler, Université de Münster
  • Lalo Salmeron, Université de Valencia

Teaching :

  • Developmental psychology
  • Children’s neuropsychology
  • Learning psychology
  • Scientific methodology

Administrative responsibilities:

  • Responsible of the 2nd year of License
  • Member of the ethic committee CERNI Tours-Poitiers
  • Member of the pedagogical committee of the University of Poitiers (UFR SHA) and of the speech-therapists school
  • Member of the pedagogical team of the Master « Trouble de la Cognition et du Langage : Psychologie du Développement et Neuropsychologie »


Potocki, A., Ecalle, J., & Magnan, A. (2016). Early cognitive and linguistic profiles of different types of 7-to 8-year-old readers. Journal of Research in Reading.

Potocki, A., Sanchez, M., Ecalle, J., & Magnan, A. (2015). Linguistic and cognitive profiles of 8- to 15-year-old children with specific reading comprehension difficulties: The role of executive functions. Journal of Learning Disabilities. doi: 10.1177/0022219415613080

Potocki, A., Ecalle, J., & Magnan, A. (2015). Computerized comprehension training in young readers: For whom and under which conditions is it efficient? Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 31, 162-175.

Potocki, A., Magnan, A., & Ecalle, J. (2015). Computer-based trainings in four groups of struggling readers: Specific effects on word reading and comprehension. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 45-46, 83-92.

Potocki, A., Ecalle, J., & Magnan, A. (2013). Effects of computer-assisted comprehension training in less skilled comprehenders in second grade: A one-year follow-up study. Computers & Education, 63, 131-140.


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