Attention and Control

The aim of the team’s research work is to provide a better understanding of sensorimotor and cognitive processes involved in the execution and perception of motor activities.

On the one hand, the aim is to identify the mental operations occurring between the input of various items of information grasped in the environment, the treatment of that information and the production of a response to it, and on the other hand, the aim is to study the modulation of such processes by various factors such as age, expertise, physical condition or the central nervous system’s pathological resp. non-pathological condition.

The methods used are those of experimental psychology, psychophysics, psychophysiology and neuroimaging.

The research work is of paramount theoretical interest and also help implement intervention counseling in schools, towards a high level of autonomy, or towards the rehabilitation or preservation of autonomy.

Here is a list of recent publications by members of the ATCO research unit in pdf format.

Composition of the ATCO research unit

Director : Lucette Toussaint, Professor at the University of Poitiers.

. The members of the research unit may be contacted by mail by clicking on e-mail-icone

. In order to contact a member of the unit by telephone dial 05 49 followed by the six digits indicated.

. By clicking on the name of one of the members of the research unit one may access their personal home page.

Prénom Nom Email Poste
Nathalie André (MCf)    e-mail-icone 45.46.79
Michel Audiffren (PR)    e-mail-icone 45.46.02
Sophie-Anne Beauprez (PhD)    e-mail-icone 45.46.36
Abdelrhani Benraïss (MCf)    e-mail-icone 45.41.27
Christel Bidet-Ildei (MCf, HDR)    e-mail-icone 45.46.97
Yannick Blandin (PR)    e-mail-icone 45.46.99
Geoffroy Boucard (MCf)    e-mail-icone 45.46.57
Vincent Ferrandez (PhD Tours, Co-encadrement VIME)    e-mail-icone
Thomas Mangin (PhD)    e-mail-icone
Cécile Scotto Di Cesare (MCf)    e-mail-icone 45.46.99
Thomas Rulleau (PhD, Kinésithérapeute)    e-mail-icone
Lucette Toussaint (PR)    e-mail-icone 45.46.98





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