Badiâa Bouazzaoui

Research Engineer –Data production and analysis in Humanities and Social Sciences
Education: Psychology Ph.D.

Université François Rabelais,
3 avenue des tanneurs, 37041 F – Tours France

Tel. : 33 (0)2 47 36 81 50


Research group:

Researcher in Aging & Memory team (50 %) and engineer activity (50%).

Research interests :

To identify the cognitive and neurocognitive mechanisms underlying the decline of episodic memory and metamemory during aging (executive functioning, strategy use, level of education, stereotype threat) with a behavioral and electrophysiological approaches.


Aging, episodic memory, metamemory, executive functioning, strategies, stereotype threat.

Engineer activities:

Experiment development (Eprime); support for data analysis (statistica); support for acquisition and analysis of EGG data (Brain recorder / Brain analyser); graduate students supervision; support for response to call for proposals (National Research Agency).

PhD supervision:

Emilie Alibran


Cognitive psychology, statistics

Main responsibilities:

Elected member of the laboratory council. Member of the ethics committee CERNI, Tours.


Selected publications:

Isingrini, M., Sacher, M., Perrotin, A., Taconnat, L., Souchay, C., Stoehr, H., Bouazzaoui, B. (2016).Episodic feeling-of-knowing relies on noncriterial recollection and familiarity: evidence using an online remember-know procedure. Consciousness and Cognition, 41, 31-40.

Bouazzaoui, B., Follenfant, A., Ric, F., Fay, S., Croizet, J.C., Atzeni, T., Taconnat, L (2016). Ageing-related stereotypes in memory: when the beliefs come true. Memory, 24, 659-668.

Isingrini, M., Angel, L., Fay, S., Taconnat, L., Lemaire, P., Bouazzaoui, B. (2015). Age-Related Differences in the Reliance on Executive Control in Working Memory: Role of Task Demand. PLoS ONE doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0145361.

Bouazzaoui, B., Angel, L., Fay, S., Taconnat, L., Froger, C., Isingrini, M. (2014). Does the greater involvement of executive control in memory with age act as a compensatory mechanism? Canadian Journal of experimental psychology, 59-66.

Froger, C., Bouazzaoui, B., Isingrini, M., Taconnat, L. (2012). The study-time allocation deficit of older adults: the role of the environmental support at encoding. Psychology and Aging. 27, 577-588.

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