Badiâa Bouazzaoui

Research Engineer –Data production and analysis in Humanities and Social Sciences
Education: Psychology Ph.D.

Université François Rabelais,
3 avenue des tanneurs, 37041 F – Tours France

Tel. : 33 (0)2 47 36 81 50


Research group:

Researcher in Aging & Memory team (50 %) and engineer activity (50%).

Research interests :

To identify the cognitive and neurocognitive mechanisms underlying the decline of episodic memory and metamemory during aging (executive functioning, strategy use, level of education, stereotype threat) with a behavioral and electrophysiological approaches.


Aging, episodic memory, metamemory, executive functioning, strategies, stereotype threat.

Engineer activities:

Experiment development (Eprime); support for data analysis (statistica); support for acquisition and analysis of EGG data (Brain recorder / Brain analyser); graduate students supervision; support for response to call for proposals (National Research Agency).

PhD supervision:

Emilie Alibran, Lina Guerrero-Sastoque, Vincent Ferrandez


Cognitive psychology, statistics

Main responsibilities:

Member of the ethics committee CERNI, Tours.


Selected publications:

Angel, L*., Bouazzaoui, B*., (*equal first authors),  Isingrini, M., Fay, S., Taconnat, L., Vanneste, S., Ledoux, M., Gissot, V., Hommet, C., Andersson, F., Barantin, L., Cottier, J.P., Pasco, J., Desmidt, T., Patat, F., Camus, V., Remenieras, J.P (sous presse). Brain tissue pulsatility mediates cognitive and electrophysiological changes in normal aging: Evidence from Ultrasound Tissue Pulsatility Imaging (TPI). Brain & Cognition

Isingrini, M., Sacher, M., Perrotin, A., Taconnat, L., Souchay, C., Stoehr, H., Bouazzaoui, B. (2016).Episodic feeling-of-knowing relies on noncriterial recollection and familiarity: evidence using an online remember-know procedure. Consciousness and Cognition, 41, 31-40.

Bouazzaoui, B., Follenfant, A., Ric, F., Fay, S., Croizet, J.C., Atzeni, T., Taconnat, L (2016). Ageing-related stereotypes in memory: when the beliefs come true. Memory, 24, 659-668.

Isingrini, M., Angel, L., Fay, S., Taconnat, L., Lemaire, P., Bouazzaoui, B. (2015). Age-Related Differences in the Reliance on Executive Control in Working Memory: Role of Task Demand. PLoS ONE doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0145361.

Bouazzaoui, B., Angel, L., Fay, S., Taconnat, L., Froger, C., Isingrini, M. (2014). Does the greater involvement of executive control in memory with age act as a compensatory mechanism? Canadian Journal of experimental psychology, 59-66.

Click here to download the full list of B. Bouazzaoui’s publications as a pdf file


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