Cognitive and memory dysfunction, psychopathology and neuropsychology of memory and control: DysCo

Project leaders : David Clarys, Professor at the University of Poitiers – Poitiers campus

and Sandrine Kalenzaga, assistant-professor at the University of Poitiers – Poitiers campus.

. The members of the research unit may be contacted by mail by clicking on e-mail-icone

. In order to contact a member of the unit by telephone dial 05 49 followed by the six digits indicated.

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Vanessa Baudiffier (Psychologue CHU)

Prénom Nom Émail Poste
Véronique Bonnaud (Psychologue CHU)     e-mail-icone
Stéphanie Chantoin-Merlet (PhD)     e-mail-icone
David Clarys (PR)     e-mail-icone 45.47.26
Nelly Goutaudier (MCf)     e-mail-icone 45.32.44
Michèle Guerry (MCf)     e-mail-icone 45.46.34
Sandrine Kalenzaga (MCf)     e-mail-icone  45.46.95
Pascale Larigauderie (MCf)     e-mail-icone 45.46.17
Maximilien Letellier (PhD)     e-mail-icone 45.46.12
Jocelyne Plumet (Dr)     e-mail-icone
François Rigalleau (PR)     e-mail-icone 45.47.54
Andrei-Cristian Tudorache (PhD)     e-mail-icone 45.46.12
Siobhan Vicente-Fredefond (MCf)     e-mail-icone 45.46.24



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