Lucie Angel

jpg_CeRCA_Lucie_AAssociate profesor in psychology, HDR
Université François-Rabelais
3 rue des Tanneurs
B.P. 4103
37041 Tours Cedex 1

Tél : 02 47 36 67 56

Researchgate page:


Research group:

VIME: Vieillissement et Mémoire (Aging and Memory)

Research interests:

  • Memory and aging
  • Modulating factors of cognitive aging (eg. cognitive reserve factors such as education, physical activity or executive functioning)
  • Vascular hypothesis of cognitive aging
  • Practice and cognitive training effects in aging
  • Brain mechanisms associated with cognitive aging, especially brain reorganization
  • Methodological approach using both behavioral and neuroimaging methods (event-related potentials, fMRI)


Episodic memory, aging, executive functions, cognitive reserve, vascular, cognitive training, event-related potentials, fMRI.


Cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, cognitive psychopathology, cognitive neuroscience, psychology of aging, neuropsychology of aging, statistics

Psychologie cognitive, Neuropsychologie, Psychopathologie cognitive, Neurosciences cognitives, Psychologie du vieillissement, Neuropsychologie cognitive du vieillissement, Statistiques

PhD supervision:

Emilie Alibran (co-supervision with Pr. Michel Isingrini, Badiâa Bouazzaoui and Marie Gomot)

Main responsibilities:

  • Tutor of Licence in psychology , University of Tours
  • Tutor of Licence 1 in psychology , University of Tours
  • Cognitive psychology tutor, University of Tours
  • Europe correspondent of the CeRCA lab


Selected publications:

Reliance on Executive Control in Working Memory: Role of Task Demand. PloS one, 10(12), e0145361.

Angel, L., Bastin, C., Genon, S., Salmon, E., Fay, S., Balteau, E., Maquet, P., Luxen, A. Isingrini, M. & Collette, F. (2016). Neural correlates of successful memory retrieval in aging: Do executive functioning and task difficulty matter? Brain Research. 1631:53-71.

Angel, L., Bastin, C., Genon, S., Balteau, E., Phillips, C., Luxen, A., Maquet, P., Salmon, E., & Collette, F. (2013). Differential effects of aging on the neural correlates of recollection and familiarity. Cortex, 1585-1597.

Angel, L., Fay, S., Bouazzaoui, B., Isingrini, M. (2011). Two hemispheres for better memory in old age. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 23, 3767-77.

Angel, L., Fay, S., Bouazzaoui, B., Isingrini, M. (2010). Individual differences in frontal functioning modulate age effects on the ERP correlates of retrieval success. Neuropsychologia, 48, 3540-3553.

Click here to download the full list of L. Angel’s publications as a pdf file



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