Pascale Larigauderie

Assistant Professor at the University of Poitiers
TSA 21103
5, rue Théodore Lefebvre
F – 86073 Poitiers cedex 9
Tel. : 33 (0)5 49 45 46 17

Research Team:

Cognitive dysfunction, psychopathology and neuropsychology of memory and control (DysCo)

Research Topics:

Role of the central executive system of working memory in cognitive activities and emotional regulation.


Central executive, executives functions, working memory, long-term memory retrieval, inhibition, emotion regulation


Co-head of the Bachelor’s degree program in Psychology

Teaching activities:

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Expérimental Design & Methodology
  • Digital technology of information and communication

Publications (selected):

Larigauderie,P., Lange, M., Dutheil, A. Cérémonie, C. Vicente, S. & Gimenes, M. (2016). Contribution de capacités ecécutives et non exécutives dans différentes situations de rappel à court terme : étude chez la personne âgée. L’Année psychologique /Topics in Cognitive Psychology, 116, 351-389.

Larigauderie, P., Michaud, A. & Vicente, S. (2011). The role of semantic memory in short-term recall: Effect of strategic retrieval ability in an elderly population, Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition, 18, 147–179.

Fournier-Vicente, S., Larigauderie, P., & Gaonac’h, D. (2008). More dissociations or interactions within central executive functioning: A comprehensive latent-variable analysis. Acta Psychologica, 129, 32-48.

Fournier, S., Larigauderie, P., & Gaonac’h, D. (2004). Exploring how the central executive works: A search for independent components. Psychologica Belgica, 44, 159-188.

Fournier, S., & Larigauderie, P. (2001). The central executive functioning: one or several underlying capacities ? A study in healthy young adults. Brain and Cognition, 46, 139-142.

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