Virginie Quintard

Doctoral student – Université de Poitiers.

TSA 21103
5, rue Théodore Lefebvre
F – 86073 Poitiers cedex 9
Tel : +33(0)5 49 45 46 36



Research group:

Social Cognition (SoCog)

Research interests:

This topic articulates social and cognitive psychology approach to study social distance effects through low level processes involved in social interactions. We are especially interested in romantic relationship characterized by a little social distance between partners (Aron et al., 1991; Magee & Smith, 2013). Social psychology studies have evidenced that romantic relationship involves a strong self-other overlap at a conceptual level (Aron et al., 2004). For instance romantic love leads to the inclusion of personality traits and tastes of the romantic partner into our own self-concept (Aron et al.,1995). However, self-other overlap also exists at a more embodied and corporal level, concerning action representation (Hommel, 2013 ; Prinz, 1997, Sowden & Shah, 2014). Hence, we try to investigate the extent to which the conceptual self-other overlap described by social psychology studies can be translated in terms of embodied self-other overlap.

To that aim, we use various paradigms that allow us to index bodily self-other overlap such as the Social Simon Task, Automatic Imitation paradigm or Interpersonal Sensory Stimulation (IMS).


Embodied cognition, social distance, action representation, close relationship 


  • Cognitive epistemology (Psychology, L1, University of Poitiers)
  • Social psychology (L1, University of Poitiers)


  • Cédric Bouquet (Pr, University of Poitiers)
  • Stéphane Jouffre (McF, University of Poitiers)


Selected publications :

Quintard, V., Jouffre, S., Croizet, J-C., Bouquet, C.A (2017). Joint action in romantic relationship: support for the self-expansion model of love. Poster accepted at « journée scientifique des jeunes chercheurs » (JSJC) (CeRCA). June, Poitiers.

Quintard, V., Jouffre, S, Croizet, J-C, & Bouquet, C.A. (2017). The Influence of Passionate Love on Self-other Integration during Joint Action. blitz presentation at the 18th General meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology  (EASP), Grenade (Spain), July 2017.


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