Conférence Hans IJzerman

Jeudi 09 mai 2019 de 14h00 à 15h30 – Salle Guillaume Le Troubadour – MSHS

Hans IJzerman, Université Grenoble Alpes.

Titre : « Advances in Social Thermoregulation »

Résumé :

Social thermoregulation in humans refers to the idea that (evolutionarily modern) interpersonal relationships are pleisomorphicallyorganized around (evolutionarily more ancient) processes of body temperature regulation. In recent research we have for example found that colder (vs. warmer) temperature conditions lets people recall people that are closer to them (an effect primarily present for people with past relationship experiences that are positive; IJzerman, Neyroud, et al., 2018).

In addition, we found that the variety of social networks one participates in protect against living in colder climates (IJzerman, Lindenberg, et al., 2018). These studies are moot regarding the more proximal mechanisms. We have conducted one study that provides suggestive evidence of a “co-regulatory” mechanism, in which people increase their peripheral temperature after seeing a sad partner face (an effect absent for neutral partner faces and for stranger sad and neutral faces; Wagemans & IJzerman, 2014). In this talk, I will first present these findings, and then present the resultsof a high-powered registered report replicating thestudy. I will thenproceed discussing a sensor validation to measure peripheral temperature in real life. Finally, I will reporttwo experience sampling studies in which we measure peripheral temperature moment-to-moment in people in romantic relationshipsand use powerful exploratory methods to sift signal from noise in the experience sampling of social thermoregulation.


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