The ACC research group aims to study the cognitive processes involved in action (EXSECO) and social cognition (SoCog) across different contexts. More specifically, our research focuses on personal characteristics (age, self-representation, personality traits, capacity for imagery, level of physical activity, etc.) and those of social groups (stereotypes, social status, prejudice, etc.) that shape mental and motor representations.

The EXSECO and SoCog teams share a common research interest for the embodied cognition framework. In some of our current work, we examine the bidirectional causal links between sensorimotor experiences and social behaviors. One of our main goals is to understand how the activation or the lack of sensorimotor activity can influence cognitive representations of self and others. Several other concepts (ego-depletion, feedback, metacognition, decision making, etc.) and methods (experimental psychology, psychophysiology, etc.) are common to the two teams.

The research carried out in the ACC research group has practical implications for teaching, learning, training, as well as clinical and health-related implications.

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