Communication and Language Acquisition

Project leader : Sandrine Gil, Professor at the University of Poitiers.

The team’s objective is to develop an integrated perspective of language behavior. It specializes in the study of situations of finalized interactions and more especially of the way in which the purpose of the interaction places constraints on language use.

Therefore language behavior is examined by studying the role of the context in which language is used and the characteristics of the speaker (linguistic, paralinguistic and extralinguistic features) on the one hand, and on the other hand by taking into account the differences between the spoken and the written modes.

The members of the research team study the cognitive processes underlying language in the whole range of its uses in close connection with the form of the message: the scientific experiments focus on the functional command of written language (including reading and visual search for information) and of spoken language (including dialogic situations and non verbal communication).

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CoALa team

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Prénom Nom Email Poste
Julie Ayroles (Phd student) e-mail-icone 45.46.36
Véronique Bonnaud, Psychologue (CHU) e-mail-icone
Alexandrine Carra (Phd student) e-mail-icone
Daniel Darles (Phd student) e-mail-icone 45.46.82
Damien Doolub (Phd student) e-mail-icone
Yann Dyonisiak (Phd student) e-mail-icone 45.46.82
Sandrine Gil (PR) e-mail-icone 45.44.16
Virginie Laval (PR) e-mail-icone 45.48.89
Ludovic Le Bigot (PR) e-mail-icone 45.46.22
Deslande Liboutchi Pepe (Phd student) e-mail-icone 46.12
Nicolas Louveton (Assistant Professor, Dpt Psychologie, UP) e-mail-icone 45.46.99
Anna Potocki (Assistant Professor, Dpt Psychologie, UP) e-mail-icone 45.46.50
Rahmi Putri Rangkuti (Phd student) e-mail-icone 45.46.82
Jean-François Rouet (DR CNRS) e-mail-icone 45.46.20
Elise Tornare (Assistant Professor, Dpt Psychologie, UP) e-mail-icone
Nicolas Vibert (DR CNRS, Directeur du CeRCA) e-mail-icone 45.46.34
Issa Wassouf (Phd student) e-mail-icone