The “Writing” group tackles a basic dimension of literacy: the cognitive bases of writing and of its learning. The team members investigate different writing tasks (text composition, copy, dictation, word production), as well as related activities, such as note-taking. We investigate typical novice or skilled writers, or writers presenting a language impairment, such as dyslexia or dysphasia (DLD).

Writing is investigated in a basic research perspective with the aim of better understanding writing (and related activities) by skilled writers, and learning to write. We also study writing in a more applied perspective through research on academic writing, on professional writing, on the impact of writing tools (keyboard vs. pencil and paper), or through the development of computer-assisted tools for learning to write and to read.

The real-time analysis of cognitive functioning of writers is a field of expertise in which the Writing group has gained international recognition. The analyses conducted are based on research tools developed by the team and its partners (such as the Maison des Sciences Humaines et Sociales of Poitiers), and in particular the “Eye and Pen” software, which helps to jointly investigate the dynamic of writing (pauses, fluency, writing speed) and the writers’ eye movements. We also use standard methods of cognitive neuroscience that we apply to writing research in an innovative way, like the analysis of the electric activity of the writers’ brain.

The following research questions are being addressed by our research team:

– How does one write texts and learn to write texts?

– Which psychological mechanisms are used to spell words?

– Do the various writing tools (e.g., keyboard vs. pen) affect the writing process?


Writing, learning to write, spelling, text composition, writing strategies, writing tools, reading, note taking, language impairments.

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Writing team

Director : Thierry Olive, SR CNRS, at the University of Poitiers.

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Prénom Nom
Sirine Bouriga (PhD student)
Louise Chaussoy (PhD student)
Dyanne Escorcia (Assistant Professor)
Monik Favart (Assistant Professor)
Manuel Gimenes(Assistant Professor)
Eric Lambert (PR, UP)
Marie Lebrisse (PhD student)
Margaux Lê (PhD student)
Victor Millogo(Assistant Professor)
Thierry Olive (DR CNRS)
Cyril Perret (Assistant Professor)
Pauline Quémart (Assistant Professor)
Clara Solier (Post-Doc – CDD)

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