EXercice, SEnsorimotricity, COgnition

The aim of our team is to understand the processes involved in the links between Exercise, Sensorimotricity and Cognition using methods from experimental psychology, psychophysiology and neuroimaging.

The team is organized in two axes:

– Exercise and Cognition: Nathalie André, Michel Audiffren, Abdelrhani Benraiss, Geoffroy Boucard, Marine Grousset (PhD student) and Thomas Mangin (PhD student).

The research undertaken in this area contributes to strengthening knowledge on the link between physical activity and executive functions. More specifically, two major interests are studied through self-control model and behavior change. The originality of this research axis consists of the link between cognitive psychology, exercise psychology and health psychology. Two major aims are to study the relationship between physical activity, executive functions and aging and between health behavior and self-control depletion.

– Sensorimotor representations and Cognition: Christel Bidet-Ildei, Marie Bernardo (PhD student), Yannick Blandin, Vincent Ferrandez (PhD student), Cécile Scotto, Romain Tisserand, Lucette Toussaint, Jean Xavier and Jeremy Villatte (PhD student).

This second axis focuses on the mechanisms allowing the development and update of sensorimotor representations during learning or after sensorimotor deprivation. More specifically, the role of sensory information (intrinsic feedback), extrinsic feedback, observation of others and imagery capacity is examined. In parallel, in the theoretical framework of embodiment, we are also interested in the links between sensorimotor representations and cognition (memory, representation of space, comprehension of language) and their malleability with age and motor experience.

The team work has applications in school intervention, sports performance or health care (e.g., rehabilitation, preservation of autonomy).

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Composition of the EXSECO research unit

Director : Christel Bidet-Ildei , Assistant Professor at the University of Poitiers.

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Prénom Nom Email Poste
Nathalie André (Assistant Professor) e-mail-icone 45.46.79
Michel Audiffren (PR) e-mail-icone 45.46.02
Abdelrhani Benraïss (Assistant Professor) e-mail-icone 45.41.27
Marie Bernardo (Doc) e-mail-icone 46.12
Christel Bidet-Ildei (Assistant Professor, HDR) e-mail-icone 45.46.97
Yannick Blandin (PR) e-mail-icone 45.46.99
Geoffroy Boucard (Assistant Professor) e-mail-icone 45.46.57
Vincent Ferrandez (PhD student – Tours, Co-encadrement VIME) e-mail-icone
Marine Grousset (Doc) e-mail-icone
Thomas Mangin (PhD student) e-mail-icone 45.46.35
Cécile Scotto (Assistant Professor) e-mail-icone 45.46.99
Romain Tisserand (MCf) e-mail-icone 47.22
Lucette Toussaint (PR) e-mail-icone 45.46.98
Jérémy Villatte (PhD student) e-mail-icone 45.46.43
Jean Xavier (PU, PH) e-mail-icone 45.47.22