• PhD Student at the University of Poitiers
  • CeRCA/MSHS,TSA 21103
    5, rue Théodore Lefebvre
    F – 86073 Poitiers cedex 9

Research group

Research Interests

– Transformation of self-bodily representation by the inclusion of the other in the self: study of the self-other overlap at the bodily level

– Modulation by the affective state of self-other integration in close relationships

Thesis Topic : « Impact of the relation to others on self-bodily representation »

Supervisors :

Lucette Toussaint

Cédric Bouquet

Keywords : Close relationships, Romantic partner, Self-concept, Inclusion of the other in the self, Sensorimotor representations

Teaching Activities

  • Psychological determinants of behaviour (Licence 2 STAPS)
  • Social cognition (Licence 3 Psychology)
  • Cognitive psychology (Licence 3 Psychology)


Bouquet, C. A., Lafleur, M., Quintard, V., Jouffre, S., Wamain, Y., Coello, Y., & Toussaint, L. (in prep.). Self-partner inclusion predicts performance of romantically involved individuals in a body-scaled action-anticipation task.

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