Aging and memory

The scientific project of the research team focuses on the effects of aging on memory, through cognitive and neurocognitive approaches. The research programs aim at describing the profile of aging of cognitive functions such as memory, metamemory, executive functions and time estimate according to a behavioral and electrophysiological approach. They are organized along three scientific lines.

The first line of research, entitled “Modulating factors of mnesic aging: cognitive and cerebral mechanisms”, gathers projects whose common feature is to study individual or environmental factors likely to increase or reduce the effects of normal aging on memory, together with the cognitive and cerebral mechanisms which account for the modulating effect of these factors.

The second line of research, entitled “Mnesic strategies and metamemory” gathers projects which deal with the effects of aging on the monitoring and metamnesic control and consider the relationship entertained by executive functions with metamnesic control and the initiation of memory strategies.

The third line of research, entitled “The effects of practice and cognitive training” focuses on the study of the effects of practice and cognitive training, especially of executive functions. The studies conducted in this line of research examine the possibility of a decrease of the effects of aging on memory tasks thanks to cognitive training.


Aging, memory, cognitive reserve, metamemory, executive functions, temporal judgment, cognitive training.

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VIME team

Composition of the VIME research unit

Director : Séverine Fay (MCf at the University of Tours).

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