– CALYXIS (POLE of RISK EXPERTISE): Implementation of evaluation methods and design of objects in a user-centered approach.

– Henri-Aigueperse Center/ UNSA-Education: The LIRALEC project aims at designing and assessing computer tools  (exercises, follow-up and support of the pupils’ progression) to help training sixth-graders in the comprehension of reading.

– Centre Henri-Aigueperse / UNSA-Education: The practice of text messages by secondary school pupils.

– Ministry of Justice: Deep conviction: its impact on jurors’ and judges’ decisions, socio-cognitive regulation and subjective implications.

– FONDATION PLAN ALZHEIMER: Socio-cognitive aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease.

– Octarès Edition: Eye and Pen, a software package in order to better understand the acquisition of writing.

– The international project SMS4SCIENCE: Compilation of huge corpora of short text messages for a large number of languages, in order to conduct research on language.

– CALYXIS, FOREST CELLULOSE TIMBER CONSTRUCTION & FURNITURE: Understanding the cognitive determiners of perspective taking in order to anticipate the use of daily life environments: using real or virtual simulations.

– ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV: Construction of a base of experience in the domain for neuroscience specialists in Science Direct to contribute to the development of computer tools aiming at optimizing bibliographic searches and the reading of scientific literature by researchers and their collaborators.

– CRITT Informatique Poitiers: Development of a platform for video self-analysis applicable to team sports in full web.


– Salon “INNOVATIVES SHS 2013” and “INNOVATIVES SHS 2015”:

(1) The “Pilou 1.0” interactive software: A tool to measure social inference;

(2) Eye and Pen: A software package in order to better understand the acquisition of writing;

(3) IDIOME: A tool to measure contextual inference;

(4) PRAGMA TEST : A tool to evaluate pragmatic aspects of language communication of elderly persons.

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