The research unit offers research and development services as well as advice, expertise, and training opportunities in the following domains:

  • Real time analysis of writing by children, adults and professional writers;
  • Recording and analysis of eye movements during writing, reading, or more generally during interactions with computer screens;
  • Analysis of learning situations and performance;
  • Identification of factors likely to hamper or boost learning processes;
  • Evaluation of pedagogical devices or training schemes;
  •  Evaluation of the ergonomics of user interfaces;
  • Evaluation of cognitive disabilities in various normal and pathological populations;
  • Survey of human-robot interaction: CERCA is concerned with human cognition and behaviour in the tasks sharing schemes involving humans and robots;
  • Identification of factors likely to hamper or boost changes in attitude or behaviour;
  • Analysis of decision-making situations in a professional context;
  • Recording of motor activity (electromyography, etc.) and of the parameters associated with it (VO2 Max, aerobic maximal speed, etc.)


Learning, social cognition, behavior, motor control, cognitive development, writing, physical exercise and cognition, language, memory, psychology, cognitive psychopathology, aging.

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