• Director of Research - CNRS

Research team

CoALa (Communication and Language Acquisition)

Research interests

My research work deals with the abilities and cognitive processes involves in the comprehension and use of texts and complex documents. I am especially interested in the processes of information search, hypertext navigation, as well as the evaluation and integration of multiple information sources. Part of my research deals with children and teenagers’ acquisition of these abilities, whereas another part investigate young adults’ reading behavior in various task contexts.

Among other recent projects I have be a principal investigator of the French-German ANR project MD-SKILLS (2013-2016) and I take part in the University of Poitiers “Parcours de réussite” project (http://pare.univ-poitiers.fr/).

Download my Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (Habilitation as a research director) report (2001).

Doctoral students

  • Aurélia Bugaiska (2005-09) : vieillissement et recherche d’informations verbales (codirection avec David Clarys).
  • Zsofia Vörös (2005-09) : Aspects visuo-spatiaux de la navigation hypertextuelle (codirection avec Csabah Pléh, U. de Budapest)
  • Géraldine Charles-Dominique (2006-2012) : Compréhension de textes par des apprenants adultes en langue étrangère (co-direction avec Martine Marquillo-Larruy).
  • Guillaume de Pereyra (2012-2016). Lecture et compréhension de textes contradictoires par les adolescents : Représentation et prise en compte des sources d’information.
  • Rahmi Putri Ranhkuti (2016-), Usages problématiques d’Internet à l’adolescence : Facteurs prédictifs et Stratégies de prévention (codirection avec Ludovic Gicquel).
  • Julie Ayroles (2017-) : Apprentissage de la lecture fonctionnelle chez l’élève de cycle 3 (codirection avec Anna Potocki).
  • Deslande Liboutchi Peppe (2019-), Attention partagée et compréhension de textes : effet du type d’interruption d’attention sur les performances des lecteurs (codirection avec Nicolas Louveton).

Selected publications

Britt, M.A., Rouet, J.-F., & Durik, A. (2018). Literacy beyond text comprehension: A theory of purposeful reading. Taylor & Francis.

Macedo-Rouet, M., Braasch, J.G.L., Britt, M.A. & Rouet, J.-F. (2013). Teaching fourth and fifth graders to evaluate information sources during text comprehension. Cognition and Instruction, 31, 204-226.

Rouet, J.-F., Britt, M.A., & Durik, A. (2017, in press). RESOLV: Readers’ models of reading contexts and tasks. Educational Psychologist.

Salmerón, L., Macedo-Rouet, M., & Rouet, J.-F. (2016). Multiple viewpoints increase students’ attention to source features in social question and answer forum messages, Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 67, 2404-2419.

Saux, G., Britt, M.A., Le Bigot, L., Vibert, N., Burin, D., & Rouet, J.-F. (2017, in press). Conflicting but Close: Readers’ Integration of Information Sources as a Function of their Disagreement. Memory and Cognition.

Vörös, Zs., & Rouet, J.-F. (2016). Laypersons’ digital problem solving: Relationships between strategy and performance in a large-scale international survey. Computers in Human Behavior, 64, 108-116.

 Professional CV (summary)

I have completed a psychology doctorate at the University of Poitiers (1991). My advisor was Professor Stéphane Ehrlich (founder of the psychology research center in Poitiers and author, among others, of “Apprentissage et Mémoire chez l’Homme”, (Learning and memory in humans) 1974). I then spent a 2-year post-doc at the University of Pittsburgh with Professor Charles Perfetti. (1991-1993), and another year as a post-doc at the National institute for Informatics (INRIA) in Andre Bisseret’s lab (1993-1994). During those experiences I developed an interest in people’s interactions with the then-emerging paradigm of “digital reading”.

I was hired as a research associate at CNRS in 1994 (as part of the current section 26 “Brain, Cognition and Behavior”, within CNRS’ National Institute for Biological Sciences) on a position titled “Cognitive processes, Learning and Education”. I joined the Language and Communication Laboratory (Poitiers, currently Center for Research on Cognition and Learning), whose director at the time was Eric Espéret. I became the leader of the research team “Language comprehension and production” (2000-2003) before I took up the position of director of the research center from 2004 to 2011. I am currently in charge of the CLIF team of CeRCA together with Sandrine Gil.

In addition to my activities within the research center, I have been involved since 2006 in the Programme for the International Student Assessment (PISA, OECD), which assesses 15 year-old students’ abilities every three years in more than 70 countries. Within this project, I serve as the chairman of the international expert group that is in charge of designing the reading literacy assessment for the 2018 edition of the PISA study. I have also chaired an expert group as part of the OECD’s PIAAC study of adult skills.


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