• Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Université François-Rabelais
    3 rue des Tanneurs
    B.P. 4103
    37041 Tours Cedex 1

Research Group

Aging and Psychopathology of Memory (ViPsyM)

Research Interests

  • Evolution of temporal behaviors with aging
  • Prospective memory and aging: The role of executive functioning and time estimation


Aging, time estimation, prospective memory, executive functioning, internal clock


Alexia Baudouin, Université Paris Descartes of Paris, EA 4468 : « Neuropsychology and Aging »


Basic concepts in Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology

Main responsibility

Head of Psychology department of Tours University

Selected publications

Vanneste, S., Baudouin, A., Bouazzaoui, B., & Taconnat, L. (2015). Age-related differences in time-based prospective memory : The role of time estimation in clock monitoring strategy. Memory.

Baudouin, A., Clarys, D., Vanneste, S. & Isingrini, M. (2009). Executive functioning and processing speed in age-related differences in memory: Contribution of a coding task. Brain and Cognition71 (3), 240-245.

Baudouin, A., Vanneste, S., Isingrini, M. & Pouthas V. (2006). Differential involvement of internal clock and working memory in the production and reproduction of duration: A study on older adults, Acta Psychologica, 121, 285-296.

Baudouin, A., Vanneste, S., Pouthas, V. & Isingrini, M. (2006). Age-related changes in duration reproduction: Involvement of working memory processes, Brain and Cognition, 62; 17-23.

Taconnat, L, Clarys, D., Vanneste, S., Bouzzaoui, B. & Isingrini, M. (2007). Aging and strategic retrieval in a cued-recall test: The role of executive functions and fluid intelligence. Brain and Cognition64 (1), 1-6.

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