Director: Lucie Angel (Assistant Professor, HDR), University of Tours and Sandrine Kalenzaga (MCf, HDR) – University of Poitiers.

The researches of the ViPsyM team seek to explore memory dysfunction in normal and pathological aging and in psychiatric diseases. Research programs are structured around two axes according to the populations that are studied: the first axis being related to normal and pathological cognitive aging and the second axis to cognitive psychopathology. In these populations, we examine the relationships between long-term memory components, including episodic memory as well as self-representations and autobiographical memory, and short-term memory components along with control processes, including working memory and executive functions. We also seek to understand the role of socio-cognitive and emotional factors in this cognitive dysfunction. Another programs of the ViPsyM team aimed at exploring the electrophysiological correlates of épisodic and working memories, as well as understanding the effect of cognitive reserve factors and the effect of interventions likely to prevent or to reduce memory disorders.

The specificity of the ViPsyM team is to use experimental techniques relying on both a cognitive (behavioral techniques) and neurocognitive (techniques used to study brain functionning including EEG, IRM, rTMS; physiological indicators including eye tracking, NIRS, electrodermal activity) approaches which allow exploring the cerebral correlates of memory.

ViPsyM team

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Prénom Nom
Lucie Angel (Assistant Professor, HDR)
Pascal Bloch (Psychiatre)
Badiâa Bouazzaoui (IR, 50%)
Geoffroy Boucard (Assistant Professor)
David Clarys (PR)
Sana Dridi (PhD student)
Séverine Fay (Assistant Professor)
Tiphanie Gonnord (PhD student)
Michel Isingrini (Professeur émérite)
Adrien Julian (Neurologue)
Hajer Kachouri (PhD student)
Sandrine Kalenzaga (Assistant Professor, HDR)
Dominique Léger (Psychiatre)
Maximilien Letellier (PhD student)
Lucile Meunier-Duperray (PhD student – laboratoire LPNC – Université de Grenoble Alpes)
Ilona Moutoussamy (PhD student)
Nicolas Noiret (Assistant Professor)
Florent Pinard (Assistant Professor, contractuel)
Jocelyne Plumet (Chercheure)
François Rigalleau(PR)
Eva Sizaret (PhD student)
Laurence Taconnat (PR)
Sandrine Vanneste (Assistant Professor)
Jérémy Villatte (PhD student)
Mélanie Voyer (PhD student)


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