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Programme en cours d’élaboration

Date Intervenant Lieu
Jeudi 18 mars 2021

de 14h00 à 15h30

Pierre Gagnepain, chargé de recherche INSERM,  INSERM-EPHE-UNICAEN U1077, Caen
Titre : response variation following trauma: the role of the memory control network.
Résumé :
Neurobiological research on memory often presumes that forgetting is a negative outcome arising from passive mechanisms such as decay and interference. In the last two decades, however, a growing literature has revealed adaptive forgetting mechanisms that actively suppress interfering memories via inhibitory control. The capacity to control and regulate the flow of distressing mental images and memories which enter consciousness and remain stored, is crucial for wellbeing and mental health.  This presentation will articulate around the concept of memory suppression and its neural bases. We will discuss the role of memory suppression to combat post-traumatic stress-related disorders and present the findings of a multiwave longitudinal neuroimaging study run by the INSERM unit U1077 in Caen in a cohort of direct survivors of 11/13 Paris terrorist attacks. This research program, called “REMEMBER”, provides a unique opportunity to observe the online and structural dysfunctions of the memory control network following a severe psychological trauma and how such process may contribute to recovery and psychopathological dynamics.
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